ADEN Services Offices

Working and traveling offshore and in proximity to water involves more and more risks: choosing ADEN Services allows you to always stay on the safe side

Our Range of Services for the Maritime Industry:

- Yacht & Maritime Security
We ensure that your Yacht is secured, no matter where you plan to be.

- ISPS Code
We define for you the best way to set up the ISPS Code on board.

- Navy Divers
A team of former Navy Soldiers are ready for individual missions.

- Marina Security
The top Luxury Marina Resorts are secured by our well-trained staff.

- Risk Management
Our Risk Consultants help you to get a clear understanding of risks you may encounter in specific situations or places.

- Close Protection Services
Body guarding in any possible ways.

- Security Drivers
Specially trained drivers are taking care that you arrive where you want to go.

- Prestige Event Security
The high class event security ensures a brilliant course of events.