ASAP Rental brings cleaning robots to Chengdu’s Customs House

ASAP Rental is growing its footprint in West China by bringing robotic cleaning to the Chengdu Customs House. Soon, visitors will see ASAP-sourced robots autonomously gliding through the hallways of Shuangliu’s Customs Hall, maintaining a continuous level of surface cleaning and hygiene. Along with these high-tech cleaning units, ASAP technicians will also provide technical oversight and preventive maintenance to ensure the machines can seamlessly plugin and perform at their peak year after year.

ASAP sees automation as a triple opportunity for people and business: allowing our partners to maximize efficiency, direct human labor towards more rewarding tasks and optimize the experience of being in the facility.

ASAP is also excited to be putting its first robots in Chengdu, a regional hub that ranks among China’s most innovative and technologically advanced cities. It’s a promising home for many more automation projects to come and we’re thrilled that one of the first sights visitors arriving in Chengdu see could easily be an ASAP-sourced robot.


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