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Ethics hotline – Whistleblowing: a critical tool for revealing workplace fraud

All organizations are vulnerable to employee misconduct in the workplace. Establish a third party Ethics Hotline through ADEN Services to take a proactive approach to early detect fraud and other problems. A way to comply with your company’s Code of Ethics.

Providing a communication channel for individuals to report concerns in a:
- safe,
- non-confrontational,
- anonymous means
- through an independent third party
… significantly increases the number of raised cases.

Companies choose to employ an Ethics Hotline solution in order to promote their organization in a position of accountability and integrity while protecting against threats to brand value.

The ADEN Services Ethics Hotline:
- can be opened to your employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders
- open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
- available through phone, email and website
- daily, weekly and monthly reports with analysis
- cost-effective
- fast implementation of customized solution

All cases reported to the Ethics hotline are anonymous and ADEN Services guarantees independent and neutral management of the calls, reporting and analyzing all identified issues.

In-depth investigation is available upon request.

We support as well our clients in Ethics Code preparation and communication materials design.