Energy Efficiency Management

Energy Efficiency Management

Technology driven optimization
The greenest energy in the world is the energy you never use

Reduce your energy costs and cut carbon emissions with a variety of energy efficiency solutions. 

Tera is a joint venture between Aden, Total Eren and Eren Groupe Tera combines the expertise of companies with decades of experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency and facility management to bring real sustainability solutions to clients in Asia. Our turn-key solutions incorporate technology, investment, installation and O&M into a single contract. Tera’s unique positioning and B2B model is designed to bring a range of customized solutions to maximize savings and reduce carbon footprints. 

Efficiency is about getting the most value from the least usage. That’s why Tera has developed an award-winning AI algorithm, we’ve created a platform to optimize, model, predict and automate energy use. We begin by linking your facility to this platform, then back it up with years of O&M service by Tera’s expert technicians to take your assets to optimal efficiency and reliability.


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Our Services

Energy Station

Chillers. Boilers. Compressors. These assets are the lifeblood of a productive facility, but at too many sites, these utilities are running inefficiently.  Tera helps you create a new, high-performing system on site. We assess your assets holistically, and customize a design a solution to for maximum performance and savings. Whether we optimize your existing assets or help you install new equipment, you’ll see guaranteed reductions in Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and carbon emissions.

Compressed air management

Air leaks start small, but can quickly add up to ballooning energy bills and CO2 emissions. Our audits have found typical sites at 20-30% leakage, and the number can go far higher. Tera acts fast to find and fix air leaks, with minimal disruption to your operations. Our technicians have a full suite of tools, including proprietary software provided through our partners at Enersize, to find and fix leaks quickly, and run ongoing monitoring after we have finished the initial project.

HVAC Optimization

Tera HVAC optimization delivers an air conditioning system that is smarter and more responsive. Our technicians link your entire HVAC system (chillers, fans and central controller) to an IoT network and automate operation through machine learning via our AI platform. Our platform uses real-time data collected from internal and external sensors to eliminate lag time between data and response for huge efficiency improvements.  HVAC optimization gives you a system that runs cleaner and cheaper without any disruptions to your business, saving an average of 17% from baseline costs.

Smart maintenance

Tera’s smart maintenance lets you plug your existing assets into Tera’s advanced suite of energy and maintenance technologies for a major jump in performance and value. Our engineers have a full arsenal of advanced tools to raise performance and reduce energy waste. Plug into our AI platform to predict maintenance needs with greater precision; use AR/VR to connect on-site technicians with expert help, wherever you are. 

Energy management contract

When it comes to energy and emissions, every small improvement can benefit your facility’s energy use. Partnering with Tera lets us find these opportunities for you.  We understand how buildings work and know where to find hidden areas for energy-saving opportunities to implement new technology and improve efficiency. Tera’s EMC is tailor-made to our clients’ needs. We’re plugged into the best products and solutions, whether that is our own or a third party, to improve energy use and provide better overall functionality.